Little looks: Valentine’s Day 2017

Confession: I feel like I cling to Christmas a little too long every year. There, I said it.

We just took down our tree and so I’m willing myself to move on. Enter my little obsession with Valentine’s Day. Trust me, I smother my boys with love every day, but I still get giddy when thinking about February 14th.

Since the holiday falls on a Tuesday this year, we’ll probably keep things lo-key. Possibly a heart shaped pizza (like last year) and a sweet treat baked in these uber cute springform pans I picked up on clearance at HomeGoods the other weekend.

And you best believe my little dudes will be decked out in some festive gear.

littlelooks_valentinesday20171 // Target Star Wars R2D2 tee
2 // June & January hoodie jumper
3 // Gap graphic onesie
4 // Carter’s Valentine pajamas
5 // Old Navy gingham shirt
6 // Hunter rain boots

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