Life lately: be mine

Other than The Big Night, the past week was quite the blur. From getting a fresh cut to prepping the floral arrangements with my bestie, here are a few snaps from my life lately.

IMG_2581[finally got my mom ‘do #shorthairdontcare]IMG_2599[love getting photos like this from my mom during the day]IMG_2604[big night tablescape prep with my bestie, Molly]IMG_2657[snowy Sunday morning at the log home]IMG_2643[special V-day waffle on a new personalized plate from Pink Print Company]IMG_2646[love that he loves to spin some vinyl with his mommy]

IMG_2654[chef evie: he takes after his daddy]IMG_2655[heartbreaker pizza compliments of Papa Murphy’s; hot peppers compliments of me]

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