Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. – Thomas Jefferson

Wise words spoken by a former President, but for a busy mom, like myself, I often find myself drawing arrows from my original ‘TO-DO’ entry to the next day. Enter this blog.

I’m Nicole, wife to Marcus, mama to Everett Meyer, Fitzgerald Richard and our German Shorthaired Pointer, Karl.


Here’s my story. I was born and raised in the great midwestern city of Des Moines, Iowa. Moved away to Chicago for a while and came back to start a family. Our crew lives on an acreage in a log home and we would love to share our little world with you!

Here’s to getting things done today instead of tomorrow! With a little fun on the side.

While some products on this blog may be gifted (will be noted with a c/o), posts may be sponsored, or a small commission may be made via affiliate links, all opinions are mine and products are ONLY endorsed if they are truly things that we love, would buy or that fit within our lifestyle. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Tomorrow’s To Dos possible.
Images and content are copyrighted by Tomorrow’s To Dos.
Please do not use our images without permission.

2 Responses to A B O U T

  1. LFFL says:

    I totally agree!

  2. Nicole! It is so fun to “run” into a fellow Des Moines blogger! I feel we’re few and far between :). Can’t wait to keep up with you!

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