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branstadboysbedtime[I’ll just be over here crying from cuteness overload…]

During the winter months I tend to lean on podcasts pretty heavily for our extra long commutes. On rotation these days: This American Life, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Note To Self, The Longest Shortest Time and Clever. Do you have any faves? Do share.

We are finally taking down our tree this weekend- insert sob emoji here – but I have a feeling that I’ll be burning our pine-scented candles for a while longer. Christmas, I just can’t quit you!

Local to Des Moines/Iowa and looking for something to do with the kids on Monday? Head to the Science Center of Iowa. Their general admission will be free on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it is a great opportunity to check out all of the exhibits and let the kiddos burn off some steam. We did this last year and had a blast!

I know not everyone can purchase expensive leggings, but I truly feel like I get my money’s worth out of my Lululemon pairs. I’ve had the Hi-Rise Wunder Unders for a few years and have worn them more times than I care to admit. I mean, they’ve held up to two different pregnancy bods and managed to keep their shape. My newest pair is the Align Pant, and so far it’s love. [NOTE: They also have a ‘we made too much‘ section where you can score deals from time to time.]

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