Friday faves

MarcusBirthdayCake.jpg[Marcus’ favorite: champagne cake from The Bake Shoppe]

This weekend is Marcus’ 33rd birthday and while we already celebrated as a family last weekend, I’m hoping we can do something fun on Sunday in honor of him. The boys and I got him a new dress shirt from Thomas Dean and he already was raving about it the other day. If you know him, he loves a good shirt/tie combo and this new one fits the bill. Score!

Have you heard of hygee yet? If not, are you living under a rock? This buzzword has been showing up literally everywhere this month, even in The New Yorker. It’s funny because one of Everett’s favorite things to do is “get cozy.”

Local and looking for a good date night idea? Look no further than the Des Moines Register’s Storytelling series. They recently released the 2017 line up and I’ve already forwarded it to Marcus to get him on board. Date night alert.

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