Radio silence

When one of your kids get sick everything kind of gets off balance, right? I’m hopefully not the only one.

After an amazing weekend of spending the bulk of our time outdoors, I got a call from Everett’s teacher on Monday that he wasn’t feeling well. Fast forward to today, he is on the mend and hopefully will be back to school in the A.M. Marcus left for work travel this morning and I’m thinking to myself, “is it Friday yet?!”

So, since I’ve been running around with my head cut off this week, trying to focus on a sick kiddo and a busy week in the office, I’ve yet to share these darling photos with you. I couldn’t just let them sit on my phone any longer.

[ride or die cousins]IMG_5988
[snack buddies]IMG_5989
[because mom’s need creative outlets too]IMG_5990
[obsessed with my custom cupcake toppers for my sister’s surprise party]IMG_5998
[I get emotional every time Ev brings this out to play because my grandpa made it]IMG_6005
[homeboy loves to be outside]IMG_6009
[up to no good]IMG_6018
[it’s peony season folks – my favorite time of year]IMG_6026[all smiles because the sickness is (hopefully) gone]

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