Friday faves

Heirlooms[so I got a little overexcited with my label maker…]

I’m a sucker for a tumbler – just take a look in my cupboards. Eek! It’s as if Starbucks just knows my weakness and has decided to create a summer-ready collab with that I’m going to have to avoid like the plague. Um, yes, I’ll have an iced latte and every drink receptacle in eye sight. K, thanks.

This is super nerdy, but I love paper. The texture, the weight, the smell – yep, all of it. So when I saw this video on Facebook this week, I just had to re-share it. It is insanely mesmerizing.

You know summer is right around the corner when you see all the bloggers start to post images with pool floats – particularly this swan. But you know me, I don’t want to follow suit too closely, so you can be sure that this floral Lilly Pulitzer-esqe version is on my list!

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