Friday faves

[oh you know, just live-streaming my father-in-laws confirmation hearing]

Brace yourselves boy moms. You might want to save reading this one until you are alone. I laughed, got misty, and, well, generally just nodded in agreeance.  Being a boy mom has brought me much more joy than I’d ever known possible.

My dad came out this week and helped plant our garden. This year we will be harvesting all sorts of veggies, including heirloom pumpkins! I stumbled upon this darling Pizza Grow Kit and think it would make the perfect spring hostess gift. Oh, and they also have a cocktail and salsa version!

If you are local to Des Moines and have children, you may have already checked out The Heritage Carousel in Union Park. If not, don’t worry. It’ll open back up for the season on May 20. As a bonus, you can enter your child/ren into the content to be one of the first riders this year. Crossing my fingers that Everett gets picked!

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