Life lately: mom got away

Yep, you read that right. I had my first overnight away from the boys. Well, since becoming a mom of two. And it went like this…

First, a trip to IKEA to pick up a few “essentials” 😉 I went in with a plan and I’m pretty happy to report that only a few things made it in that weren’t on the list. Seriously though, if I didn’t go in with a plan I would fall down the rabbit hole of Swedish gear I don’t need.

Somewhere between Oak Park Mall and Von Maur, I decided to check up on the boys. Here was the photo I was sent. From it I deduce that Karl is in charge and also knows how to work a remote. So advanced for his breed.KC2
We made one more pit stop at a few stores in Town Center Plaza and then headed to The Roasterie for a pick-me-up. Now that the shopping portion of our trip was complete, it was time to head down to the Sprint Center for the main event. When we got down to the Power & Light district, streets were blocked off and packed with anxious KU fans. I knew that my favorite local restaurant, Webster House, wasn’t too far away, so we decided to walk over and grab a pre-game cocktail.IMG_5602IMG_5606
Another quick check in with Marcus via FaceTime yielded this awesome screenshot that I just had to share. #thatdadlife

We made it back to the Sprint Center and really the rest is just still too fresh to talk about. The Jayhawks looked awful from the very beginning and definitely did not deserve to move on based on their performance. Guess there’s always next year…IMG_5607
After the game, we hit the road and made our way to Excelsior Springs for an overnight stay at The Elms. I have been wanting to stay here forever so after they announced it was going to be a late game, I decided to pull the trigger. Just a word to the wise though, driving from KC to The Elms when it is dark is quite a white-knuckle experience. After arriving frazzled, we figured it might not be a good idea to participate in the last ghost tour of the evening and instead, retreated to our upgraded room.IMG_5614
In the light of day, the storied hotel is quite breathtaking. My parents hailed from western Kansas so I have a deep appreciation for limestone, and the remodeled bathrooms are definitely #tilegoals (if that’s even a thing).IMG_5608I’m already imaging my return visit. On my to-do list: a trip to the spa and grotto and sipping cocktails poolside.

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