Friday faves

EvSheds[latest finds: Ev has become quite the shed hunter this spring]

One of my favorite local joints, Snookies Malt Shop, opens for the summer tomorrow. During my younger years I always dreamed of camping out in front of the shop overnight to be the first person to get a cone when it officially opened for the year. In my head, I thought that person received free ice cream for the summer. That’s not quite how it works though. They actually just get their picture taken and it hangs in the window for the entire summer. I like my idea better…

I pulled the trigger during my trip to KC last weekend and purchased a pair of jean overalls. I’ve been dying to wear them and am literally counting down the hours until tomorrow morning when I will get to take them for a test run! Pretty sure Marcus will think they are ridiculous.

Everett has been having some serious “threenager” tendencies lately. I was trying to brush up on my parenting skills and ran across this article from The Washington Post. If you are in the throes like me, it’s worth a read.

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