Friday faves

RealLifeAerial[hashtag: real life]

I’m heading for a quick trip to Kansas City in the morning to spend the day shopping with my sister before heading the the NCAA Midwest Regional Final game in the evening. On our list is a trip to IKEA to pick up a few items that we need. I recently came across this article about a woman who stayed a full day in the largest store in the US and passed the time by counting umlauts and fights. Oh and next time you run into my husband, ask him how he feels about his first trip to the Swedish furniture mecca.

I love a good gender reveal (Ev + Fitz), but this Rube Goldberg video that has been making the internet rounds is intense. Anyone else have this thought after watching: “Who is cleaning up this mess?”

In this episode of what I’ve been wearing on repeat lately, let me introduce you to my favorite t-shirt. I’ve been styling it with a tuck into high waisted jeans + sneakers for the weekend.

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