On our own turf

In years past, we’ve been able to experience some great cities for the NGA conference –MilwaukeeNashville and White Sulphur Springs to name a few. But this year, we were so excited to showcase Des Moines as the host city!

It’s always fun to play tourist in your home town and that is exactly what it felt like this past weekend.

[lovely walk through the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden]NGA00004[under the golden dome of our state capitol building]NGA00002
[breathtaking law library at the Iowa State Capitol]NGA00003
[the only time Everett stood still all night]NGA00006
[behind the scenes tour at Meredith Corporation‘s HQ]NGA00005
[personalized door handles in the board room – SF for Successful Farming, their first mag]NGA00008
[quite the spread thanks to Traditional Home]NGA00009
[a little blueberry demo from the minds of Better Homes & Gardens]NGA00010
[Local? Be sure to visit the BHG Test Garden on Fridays, May-September from 12-2pm]NGA00014
[moody evening skies at Terrace Hill]NGA00011[new reflecting pool on the grounds – learn more about the history here]NGA00015
[live painting demo at the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates]NGA00016
[nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair]NGA00018NGA00021
[face painting FTW]NGA00020[the whole fam with Three Dog Night]

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