Air trip: The Greenbrier

DISCLAIMER: My photos do not do this place justice. Put it on your bucket list, like, yesterday.

Where to start…


After a smooth trip down to Charleston, West Virginia, we hopped in the car for a drive to White Sulphur Springs where The Greenbrier is located. We were welcomed with this view. Hello, gorgeous!


The next few days were filled with family, fun and memory making. With a side of serious Dorothy Draper of course!

IMG_0649IMG_0657 [hallway cocktails] IMG_0670 [just hanging out]IMG_0675 [always a blur]IMG_0677 IMG_0685 [kids being kids: rolling down the big hill]IMG_0700 [delicious lunch at Carnegie Hall]IMG_0701 [always the official party with this guy around]IMG_0702 [shark romper]IMG_0705 [the old white]IMG_0710 [all the little ones]IMG_0716 [beautiful scenery]IMG_0718[meeting NBA legend Jerry West]IMG_0721 [a little skeet shooting on the side]IMG_0723 [breathtaking chandeliers everywhere you turn]IMG_0728 [patterns on patterns on patterns]IMG_0729 [like I said, more chandeliers – this one is from the movie Gone With The Wind]IMG_0730 [so handsome]IMG_0731 [doing my best to fit in wearing my Lilly Pulitzer for Target jumpsuit]IMG_0732 [ugh, those curtains]IMG_0733[already planning my return visit]

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