Air trip: Park City

We are back from ANOTHER trip, but this one was different. It was our first time traveling together without our sweet little Everett in tow. Just a little test run for the big trip this fall!

We took off early Friday morning, headed for Park City, to join a bunch of our high school friends in celebrating Iain and Laura’s nuptials.

IMG_0759[Kimball Arts Festival happened to be going on too]IMG_0762 [looks weird with no snow]      IMG_0767[married in a field on a hilltop at High Star Ranch]IMG_0773[scenic doesn’t even come close to describing this location]IMG_0769 [just the two of us, in a field, waiting for a rattlesnake]IMG_0774 [DHS Class of 2002]IMG_0783 [looks like it came from a wedding blog]IMG_0786 [the newlyweds]IMG_0789 [lots of wild memories with these ladies]IMG_0792 [two handsome dudes]IMG_0793 [the dance floor]IMG_0798 [last ‘man’ standing]IMG_0799 [always smiling with this one]IMG_0801 [community yoga on Sunday morning]IMG_0802  [Artist Josee Nadeau painted during our yoga practice]IMG_0808[missing home? Log Haven was the perfect setting for dinner]IMG_0758[I’m sure he wasn’t spoiled too much…]

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