Sweet corn for all

This past weekend we celebrated all things sweet corn related in our new hometown, Adel. They hold the annual Sweet Corn Festival every August and the whole town comes together to feed the masses free golden kernel goodness.

In an effort to follow through on my resolutions, I signed up for the 5K on Saturday morning. It was a misty, humid morning which made running on brick paved roads a bit of a task, but I’m happy to report I made it! There were definitely some rough moments, but I’m pleased with my time considering my lack of training.

IMG_4581 IMG_4583

After the race, I met up with Marcus, Everett and Aunt Mo to check out the parade. In between traipsing through huge puddles and taking sips of my post-race chocolate milk, Everett was most mesmerized by the line of shiny firetrucks. Beep, beep!

IMG_4592 IMG_4597 IMG_4595  IMG_4594IMG_4599

We ditched the parade early to make it around the town square and got in line early for the free sweet corn. We mowed through six buttered up ears in record time and hightailed it out of there in time to make it home for nap time. SUCCESS!

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1 Response to Sweet corn for all

  1. I planned on heading the the festival this year (never been) but it was too dang hot and humid. Maybe next year!

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