Back to school

While Ev still has a while before he officially starts school, I can’t help but get excited when I see all the colorful notebooks and rows of fresh supplies at our local Target. Going back to school was always such an exciting time for me growing up. Those first day jitters, the new outfits and the endless chatter with friends. Such happy memories.

In honor of the back to school shopping that I’m sure some of you are doing right now, I thought I’d put together some cute outfits that I would put together for Ev if he was heading out the doors for the schoolyard.

BackToSchool2015_1top // Wal-Mart
bottom // H&M
notebook // Mead
shoes // Gap Kids
backpack // Crewcuts
socks // Old Navy


top // Wal-Mart
bottom // H&M
cap // Stan’s Sports World
socks // Gap Kids
shoes // Target


top // Carter’s
jeans // H&M
vest // H&M
bag // Duluth Pack
crayons // Crayola
shoes // Target


book // Home by Carson Ellis
coat // H&M
shoes // Converse
top // Raygun
bottom // Zara

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