Sweet spitzbuben

This past weekend I decided to whip out a cookbook compiled of all of my grandma’s favorite go-to recipes. I specifically knew what I wanted to make but hesitated because of how time consuming they can be. And the fact that I’ve never actually made them by myself before…Enter the heavenly spitzbuben (pronounced: spitz-booben) cookies.

A German cookie usually baked around the holidays, spitzbuben (or Hildabrötchen or Linzer Plätzchen) are composed of your choice of jam sandwiched between two buttery, shortbread-esqe cookies. In my family we’ve always used a fluted diamond cutter and stick to either apricot, strawberry or raspberry jam.

IMG_2559IMG_2558[the shapes get a egg yolk bath + a sprinkle of breadcrumbs]IMG_2561[fresh out of the oven]IMG_2565IMG_2566[the finished ‘buben]

Do you have any passed down family recipes that you enjoy making for your loved ones? I’d love to hear about them!

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