Download: Valentine’s Day 2017

I spent the weekend pulling together a few Valentine’s gifts for my boys and treats for family and friends.

[Everett’s cut up paintings make great gift tags]heartcookiecutter
[baking with toddlers can be awesome and awful at the same time…]heartsugarcookie
[sprinkle mania when Everett’s at the helm]spitzbuben[love making my Grandma Dreiling’s spitzbuben]

Our Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. The finest of the fine for my crew 😉


Cupid treated me quite well this year. And while my husband did get me a gift card to one of my favorite local stores (eden!), cupid was pretty much me. And you know what? I’m cool with that.


One of my favorite fragrances is Tocca’s Florence. Not sure which scent fits you? Try this rollerball fragrance collection.

fullsizerenderAfter hearing about this brand from a few fellow moms, I’m kicking myself for not having one of these gowns for those early postpartum months. It is buttery soft and I can’t wait to wear it around the house and tie it up in the front for running errands.


I found the silver F initial necklace from local shop, Accents+Interiors, and love how it pairs with my gold E (love this cool gothic style version) that I purchased from the same store after Ev was born. Side note: Kind of funny that my boys first initials say ‘EF’, as in, “how in the EF am I ever going to keep the house clean with two boys?!”


You already know how I feel about these red beauts! Can’t wait to wear them when it warms up later this week.

All in all, I feel very loved. Even though there is a bit of the seasonal crud hanging around our house right now, I have the best little valentines and am showered with love, slobber and snot. What more could you ask for?!


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