Obsessed: smart art

Now that we have settled into our house, we have finally started putting things up on the walls. I have been hesitant in doing so because some of the items that resided on our old walls just weren’t my style. We had put them up because we had them, not because we loved them. I’m doing my best to change this in our new home.


1 // Oana Befort: I first found of Oana when searching for a new computer background, but her darling kiddos and outdoorsy flair kept me coming back. I love her illustrations (check out her sketchbook posts) and think this woodland memory game would be the perfect gift for a little learner.

2 // Lulu King: I came across this Aussie’s art while trying to find unique deer prints to adorn our log home walls. I also love how she works with dripped paint and other such mistakes, saying “that is where the true beauty lies.”

3 // Britt Bass: I can’t exactly remember how I found Britt, but I have a feeling it was through Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her color combinations and shop dog, #ladyfanniebird. She also recently did a collab with another one of my faves, May Designs.

4 // Des Moines Arts Festival: Be sure to have this annual event on your to-do list for the weekend. I love strolling by booth after booth of creative amazingness!

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