Ev + Hays

I haven’t made the trip back to Hays (where my parents are from) since I was pregnant with Everett, so it was high time to load up the car and drive the seven+ hours (obviously more with a toddler in tow) to western Kansas this past weekend.

We were heading back for a family reunion on my mom’s side, but circumstances changed when my grandma suffered a stroke before we got there. She is recovering, but has a long ways to go. If you are the praying type, please keep her in yours.

Being back there but not getting to spend much time with her definitely made for a different trip, but I’m glad we got to see her and give her hugs and kisses. I’m convinced a kiss from Evie can cure any ailment!

The nice thing about your parents growing up in the same town is that when you visit, you get to see family from both sides.

Here are a few snaps from our travels:

Hays2015-2[Haas family road trip essentials]

Hays2015-5 [fresh beans from new coffee shop, Union Station]

Hays2015-6 [no trip to Hays is complete without a snoball from Cerv’s]

Hays2015-11[baking grandma’s recipe with my Aunt Joyce]

Hays2015-9[family pool time]

Hays2015-7[small town Kansas]

Hays2015-4 [little rebel]

Hays2015-3[my new favorite picture]

Hays2015-10[evie’s new kicks]

Hays2015-8[my road warrior]

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