Camp Branstad

Ever since we moved out to the acreage Marcus has been dying to have a camp out. But this past weekend we took that to the next level and hosted what will be the annual Camp Branstad. Chaos and lots of fun ensued, and I have the photos to prove it!

Our little nieces came out to the log home to spend time together learning about the great outdoors. We kept them busy with a dip in the kiddie pool, a nature scavenger hunt, tire swinging and canvas painting.

#campbranstad download in 3, 2, 1…

CampBranstad2015_10 [camp prep calls for cut off sleeves]

CampBranstad2015_4 [the quiet before the storm]

CampBranstad2015_13 [camper care packs included glo sticks, flashlights and bandanas]

CampBranstad2015_3[had to make an official camp logo and tees]

CampBranstad2015_11 [camp is about to begin – can’t wait to have Brookie out here next year!]

CampBranstad2015_6 [Sofia posing mid dip in the pool]

CampBranstad2015_7 [Bridgie, Mack and Sid perfecting their duck calls]

CampBranstad2015_8[next year we’ll get a bigger pool]

CampBranstad2015_14 [this just screams summer]

CampBranstad2015_15[hard at work]

CampBranstad2015_1 [happy campers]

CampBranstad2015_2 [so proud of the older girls who lasted ALL NIGHT in their own tent]

CampBranstad2015_5 [can you tell if this kid had a blast?]

CampBranstad2015_9 [indulged around the campfire making s’moreos]

CampBranstad2015_12[we kept storytelling on the lighter side this year]

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