Go Maroons!

Sister, sister update: We are planning to celebrate my sister’s birthday with a family dinner on Friday, so I’ll have to keep her gift a secret until then. I’m fairly sure she’s going to love it though!

In other news, we tried out a new recipe last night after I did a Google search for salmon and peppers because I realized they both were sitting in our fridge and needed to be used ASAP. This is what we ended up with:

SalmonPeppers[Salmon and peppers with caper vinaigrette]

While the snow continues to fall outside, I am spending my evening sipping some red wine, listening to Mumford & Sons (obsessed) all while printing and cutting menu cards for a dinner my in-laws are hosting at the end of the week. Talk about multi-tasking!

LOVEly menu cards[Kir Royale – one of my faves!]

In what feels like forever ago (12+ years) I played basketball for my Catholic high school here in Des Moines. I can still remember how grueling practices were and how much I learned about myself during those few years. To this day, whenever I hear Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight, all I can think about is our pre-game lights out ritual.

Tomorrow I am heading down to The Well to watch the Iowa Girls State Basketball Tournament where my alma mater will be playing in the first round. What is even more amazing is the fact that my coaches are still coaching the team. Can’t wait to cheer them on – go Maroons!

Dowling Girls Basketball 2000[my sisters are probably going to kill me for posting this photo]

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