Sister, sister

Crafty kiddos update: We had a slumber party this weekend with our nieces and it was a blast! See for yourself:

Uncle Markie art[Karl on the balance beam drawn by Uncle Markie]

scratch[All sorts of goodness at Scratch Cupcakery]

fish[sparkly, sequin fish craft]

Movie time[snuggled up for movie time]

monogram pancakes[monogram pancakes]

Don't go[Karl doesn’t want his friends to go!]

She is my Pilates workout partner, my go-to for questions about life, my partner in crime at any and all Super Targets, my Bean’s mommy and one of my best friends. Tomorrow my big sis, Mariss, celebrates her day of birth, and as any little sister should, I will shower her with love and fabulous gifts.

Here are a few finds that I know my sis (and plenty of others) would love to find wrapped up for them:

MarissGifts[sandals, earrings, perfume, top, bag, scarf]

It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have a sister how special it is to have one. I’m extra lucky that I get to have two and I can’t imagine a life without them. Pretty sure they know me better than I know myself. Cheers to sisters!

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