Go Maroons update: The Dowling Catholic girls basketball team took to the court last night and my dad, sisters, bro-in-law and the Bean were all on hand to cheer them on. Wells Fargo Arena was louder than I remembered and smelled of buttery popcorn and high schoolers. It turned out to be a real nail biter as the ladies took it down to the wire, sinking a three ball to take it into overtime where they finished off the East High School. Their next task is tomorrow in the form of the Mason City Mohawks.


After work tomorrow night we are off to finally celebrate my sister’s birthday with a family dinner at Samurai Sushi & Hibachi. I must make a mental note not to stuff myself too full of sushi because delicious Scratch Cupcakery cupcakes await us afterwards. We each got to pick which one we’d like to try off of their Friday menu, and I went with Doughlicious this time. I can already taste the cookie goodness now!

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