Red, red twine

In stitches update: According to VOGUE Daily, the monogram is having a moment. Well duh, I could have told you that! Guess that means my new hobby is ‘on trend.’ Check out what I picked up from Marshall’s to embroider for my mom.

H monogram dish towel [embroidered striped dish towel + today’s jewelry]

While out and about I found the perfect Big Night favor for the ladies. What do you think?

Big Night favor: ladies
[La Source foot soak, World Market heart-shaped pumice, Ghirardelli squares]

Now I just need to continue my search for the perfect sea-themed favor for the guys, and then it’s on to the fun part – cute packaging. I’ve been seeing striped bakers twine everywhere these days, so I’m leaning towards using it to tie up the boxed goodies. Here’s what I’m thinking:


[buy red twine here, here and here]

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