In stitches

Upstairs and downstairs update: While out and about looking for Big Night favors this weekend, I ended up at one of my favorite local craft stores – Hobby Lobby. My mom and I spent close to two hours walking up and down aisles full of inspiration and ideas for me. But what I walked out of there with were flour sack tea towels, coral colored embroidery floss, a sewing hoop, disappearing ink pen and needles. Yep, new hobby commence!

technicolor thread

After a brief stitching tutorial from my mom (and the internet) I forged ahead creating my very own hand embroidered monogram tea towels. As I finished my first one, I thought to myself  how proud my Grandpa Dreiling would have been. You see, this was once a hobby of his back in the day (along with his woodworking). I even have my own set of days-of-the-week towels that he embroidered years ago.

Grandpa Dreiling tea towels

I’ve totally been bit by the bug and now I can’t stop. After my trial towel, I went on to create more unique monogram styles to replicate and even went back and got more thread colors.

hand embroidered monogram tea towels

After I mastered my own insignia, I decided to forge ahead and create towels for my sisters with their initials while enjoying my Sunday evening on the couch watching my shows.

Sunday shows

I was also able to enjoy a toasty fire, a little vino and a delicious oven-roasted chicken thanks to my fabulous husband. Not too shabby!

Sunday dinner

Now that the week is in full swing, I think I will scour a few stores and drawers for other things that I can monogram. Like these:

Monogram me

[cardiganbaby gowns, napkinsblankets, scarf ]

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2 Responses to In stitches

  1. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Nicole, so very, very cool. Love the tea towels you are doing ~ they are fabulous & how sweet of you to make sets for your sisters also. Where do you get all your ideas and inspiration??? You amaze me!!!

  2. Shirley Dreiling says:

    Nicole, I showed this to Grandma, and she was really touched that you mentioned Grandpa and his making you girls the tea towels, and I also showed her the post you had on the Turducken (sp?) and had a picture of the little table and chairs he made as well as the little horse Sidney was riding. I truly think she was almost in tears!! So special!!

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