What the HoQ

Red, red twine update: I unexpectedly received a text from my sis Morgan yesterday, asking me if I wanted to attend the Smart Talk session tonight. Knowing that I didn’t really have anything going on, I replied “I’m in!”

Little did I know that it would turn into a fabulous little Thursday evening complete with:

our 177th check-in together on FourSquare,


a shopping trip to one of my fave East Village stores, Eden

Eden Des Moines

a return visit to Luna Bistro to try out their new Interlude menu (which was amazing!),

Luna Bistro - Interlude

and quite the show at the Civic Center (such a pretty interior – see below) with Everybody Loves Raymond star Doris Roberts.

Civic Center Des Moines architecture interior design

Who is ready for it to be Friday? [raises hand, arm and leg] What a crazy week its been at work. I am looking forward to a little r & r in the form of a lunch outing tomorrow (I usually workout over the noon hour) with my co-workers. We are heading downtown to check out new restaurant, HoQ (pronounced hawk I believe).

Based on everything that I’ve read, their menu changes daily and showcases Iowa ingredients while supporting local farmers. Can’t wait to check out their menu tomorrow and try out some homegrown goodness!


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