When prom goes wrong

It’s in my head update: As I type this blog post I am sitting under the covers in my pajamas with a full on up ‘do. Not just any up ‘do my friends, but the same hairstyle that I will be wearing as I walk down the aisle in 38 short days. Wahhh!!!!! So, without further ado, I present my wedding hair:

wedding hair

I tried it on with my veil and reception hairpiece, but I dont want to spoil anything.

Tomorrow eve I’m heading over to my parents’ house to snag the Foto Friday pic for this week at work – and the theme is: PROM! I can not wait to dig through my high school albums for my prom pictures, which I am positive I haven’t looked at since I graduated 9 years ago. Should be a treat, and I’ll be sure to share what I find with you tomorrow.

Check out these horrific prom photos. If you ever need a laugh, just Google “bad prom pictures” and it will provide you countless hours of fun!

Bad Prom Pics

Oh no you didnt!

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