It’s in my head

Forgetful much? update: Got the head back on straight – well, as straight as it’s going to be for these last 39 days. Today was our RSVP deadline date for the wedding, and wouldn’t you guess it – we still have about 170 people who haven’t responded. I should not be shocked by this, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t rile me up a bit. This is my bridezilla moment.

Here is the weekend montage that I wasn’t able to post yesterday – good times:

Couples Shower montageTomorrow is my wedding hair trial and I’ve already shown you what I’m looking for. I’m still leaning towards that, so I am excited to see what we go with. I’ll be sure to have pictures up in tomorrow’s post. Just need to make sure I remember the veil and floral clip to try out with the ‘do.

I’m going with the traditional veil for the ceremony and a yellow floral clip for the reception, but I do love seeing these other more modern headpieces that brides are sporting these days.

Peony Hairpin

BHLDN, Peony Hairpin, $80

White by Vera Wang

White by Vera Wang for Davids Bridal, Thin Headband with Crystal Embellishment, $98

Jamie Slye Designs

Jamie Slye Designs (Etsy), The Pearl, $95

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