The Bridguation turns 2

When prom goes wrong update: I thought I would be digging for years in my parents’ basement tonight, but the prom Gods were smiling down on me because in the first bin that I opened, right on top was my senior prom picture. SCORE! And here she is:

Senior promTomorrow we are celebrating Marcus’ niece’s birthday. The Bridguation (as her parents lovingly refer to her as) is celebrating her 2nd birthday. And how do two-year-olds celebrate their birthdays these days, by having their favorite meal served for all. Luckily, Bridget has great taste and we will be feasting on sloppy joes and peas. You gotta love it!

I found the perfect gift for little Bridge at the local Marshall’s – LOVE that store! They are going to be soooo cute on her.

Converse kids

Hot pink is the new black.

Like these and want to get super fancy? Head on over to Converse and customize your own kids Cons.

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