Shanghai 2019 // part one

After spending a short time in Beijing, we hopped on one of the fastest trains in the world to head south to Shanghai. Moving at over 215+ mph, Everett was definitely in his element!

After arriving in Shanghai, we dropped our bags at the hotel and headed out along the Bund in search of lunch.China2019_16China2019_17China2019_18China2019_19China2019_20China2019_21
Jet lag can be rough, but the views out our hotel window are truly the best. At night, the Bund lights up and it is pretty spectacular to see. China2019_23The next morning, a few of us set out on a little excursion to try to see the Yu Garden, but it is unfortunately under construction right now. We did enjoy viewing a few older buildings nearby though. China2019_24China2019_25China2019_26China2019_27China2019_28China2019_29
After stretching our legs, we were off to experience one of the world’s best Sunday brunches at the Hotel Westin Bund Center. This is our second time and it does not disappoint!China2019_30China2019_31China2019_32China2019_33China2019_34China2019_35China2019_36
[Spiderman washed the windows while we dined]China2019_37China2019_38
[They even surprised me with a little birthday treat]China2019_39China2019_40
[the kids joined the DJ to spin some tunes]China2019_41
After the brunch, we were met by our tour guide for the next few days. Our first stop was to Nanjing Road for some light shopping, followed by a stroll through the French Concession area called Xintiandi.China2019_42
After that, we were off to visit the Starbucks Roastery. We enjoyed some pastries, flat breads and sipped on smoked butterscotch lattes. China2019_43China2019_44China2019_45China2019_46
At this point, we were definitely slowing down, but there was one last stop for the day – the Era Theatre for an acrobat show.China2019_47China2019_48China2019_49China2019_50China2019_51
The show was breathtaking and I highly recommend it. The performers were mesmerizing and the kids loved it!China2019_22You may have noticed that Fitz did not make this portion of the trip. He stayed back in Beijing with grandma and grandpa and had the best time going trick-or-treating!

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