Beijing 2019 // part one

You may have noticed the radio silence around here lately, and that is because the Branstad family has been out of the country. We just got back last week and are desperately trying to get adjusted back to the central time zone!

While sleep deprived, I am loving going through our photos from the trip and can’t wait to share them with you!

We had a layover in Detroit and decided to spend it in the attached Westin hotel pool. For $15/person, you can use the workout facilities/pool/showers. Great tip for those of you who have long layovers!China2019_04China2019_05China2019_06China2019_07
Another flight, and another cockpit photo. These boys sure were spoiled!China2019_08China2019_09
Upon landing in Beijing, we were off for a dinner at the residence, but on maybe an hours worth of sleep, I have no photo proof! The next morning we took a walk to a local park before heading to the Silk Market. China2019_10China2019_11China2019_12
In between the Silk and Pearl Markets, we made a pit stop for some xioa long bao at Din Tai Fung.China2019_13

After our shopping excursion at the Pearl Market, my jet lag (and lack of sleep) had caught up with me. I decided to stay back at the house with Fitz and missed out on the Peking Duck dinner that everyone raved about – BUMMER! But I did manage to get some sleep which was important because in the morning we were off on the next part of the journey: Shanghai.

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