Thailand 2018 // part four

In my last post I mentioned our amazing Airbnb, but I didn’t really share too many photos of it. It had multiple levels, a koi pond with stepping stones, two pools and the most amazing staff. thailand4_2018_00007thailand4_2018_00008thailand4_2018_00009thailand4_2018_00010thailand4_2018_00013From the house we were about a 5-10 minute drive from one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches, Nai Harn. We loaded up towels and lots of sunscreen and headed out. As you will see below, Fitz and Ev had a love/hate relationship with sand on this trip.
thailand4_2018_00001thailand4_2018_00002thailand4_2018_00003thailand4_2018_00004thailand4_2018_00005Christmas Eve was here and the kids were getting so excited. We made ornaments for our tree and hung the stockings with care. Marcus even got new beard hair!

[always being served delicious + fresh food]thailand4_2018_00016
We got dressed up in our nice clothes to head to church, only to find out that we got the time wrong. There were a few people at the church preparing for the later Mass, so we were able to go in and say a few prayers. thailand4_2018_00017thailand4_2018_00018thailand4_2018_00019thailand4_2018_00020
[what family photos really look like]thailand4_2018_00021thailand4_2018_00022thailand4_2018_00023thailand4_2018_00024
After we got home the kids put on their matching jammies and decorated cupcakes to leave out for Santa.thailand4_2018_00025thailand4_2018_00026thailand4_2018_00028
Then the adults feasted on a fresh seafood dinner.thailand4_2018_00029thailand4_2018_00030thailand4_2018_00031
And the last thing we did on Christmas Eve was listen to Grandpa read The Night Before Christmas out loud.thailand4_2018_00032

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