Thailand 2018 // part three

Keeping the kids happy and entertained let us to our next excursion spot: Splash Jungle Water Park. It ended up being such a hot day, so a park full of water slides was perfect!thailand3_2018_00001thailand3_2018_00002thailand3_2018_00003
[standard ‘trying to get everyone in the shot’ photo]

Fitz had a little too much fun and passed out mid bite at the lunch table. I may be a terrible mom for taking these following photos, but I just couldn’t not document it.thailand3_2018_00005thailand3_2018_00006thailand3_2018_00007
Don’t worry. He bounced back upon waking with more water slides and some ice cream.thailand3_2018_00008
We spent our last day at the hotel playing in the bath tub and the pool, then we were off to stay at our Airbnbthailand3_2018_00009thailand3_2018_00011
Upon arrival, we immediately bellied up to the pool bar.thailand3_2018_00013
They next day, we put on long pants and got ready to sweat it out during our trek to see the Big Buddha.thailand3_2018_00014thailand3_2018_00016
[he couldn’t not take a photo by the trash cans]thailand3_2018_00018thailand3_2018_00021thailand3_2018_00020
[a sweet message from my niece]thailand3_2018_00017thailand3_2018_00019

Built over 12 years, the Big Buddha sits on top of a hill and is the third-tallest statue in Thailand. It is 148 feet tall and built with concrete and covered with Burmese white marble.

thailand3_2018_00004Ok, I’m sure you are thinking, “are we done yet?” And the answer to that is NOPE. Still more Phuket posts ahead 😉 Including Christmas and a catamaran trip to Phi Phi Islands.

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