Southern California 2018 // part one

After a fun-filled day at Disneyland, we woke up the following morning and packed up our rental cars to head south to where we would be staying for the rest of our vacay – La Jolla.

We arrived at our VRBO house and checked the place out. Once we had talked about possible room arrangements, we loaded the kiddos back up and went in search of lunch.


We settled on Sammy’s Pizza on Pearl Street. The kids scarfed down pizza and ice cream while the adults sipped rosé and settled in to the laid back Cali culture. SoCal2018_03

We headed back to the house to get settled in and wait for the second crew to get there. They had spent the day at Universal Studios and were coming later that evening.

This was the scene most evenings while on vacation. Cousins winding down after long days at the beach/pool/playing.


In the next post, I’ll share photos and stories from our different excursions during the day. Sharing my favorite shops, beach time, the zoo and more!


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