TTD faves: under $100 fitness finds

The new year is here and I’m motivated to take the time to get back to the gym and start feeling healthier in general.

Post-Fitz I just never really got back into a routine of focusing on me + spending time at the gym, and when I stopped nursing him at a year the pounds just crept back on. I set a goal for myself this year to put me first, even if it is just for 30 or so minutes a day. I deserve it, and so does my family.

So in the name of wellness, I went on ahead and pulled together a bunch of fun fitness picks to help you kick off 2018 in style. Purchasing new activewear is sometimes exactly what you need to motivate yourself to SHOW UP and GET IT DONE. Another big helper for me, is a good playlist. Check out mine!

TTDFaves_Under100FitnessFinds2018yoga mat // sports bra // water bottle
moto leggings // sneakers // long sleeve

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