Friday faves

EmilyStumpf[the prettiest custom paintings by local artist, Emily Stumpf]

JT is back ya’ll. Justin Timberlake, if you have been living under a rock, is releasing a  new album on February 2 – you know, to coincide with his Super Bowl Halftime show, and his first single, Filthy, is already out. Thoughts?

My hands are always full. Always. I schlep around the most ridiculous amount of stuff, so when I saw someone using one of these cases from Bandolier the other day I was more than intrigued. Really feelin’ the red Emma version!

If you are local and have kiddos who are off of school this coming Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, then you should take them over to the Science Center of Iowa for a little learning on their day off – FOR FREE. Speaking from experience, get there early.

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