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KiddosOnTrain[the bell still rings for those who believe]

Anyone who knows me knows that my daily makeup routine is quite minimal. I’ve been wearing the same eye shadow since I was in high school. That is until recently when I couldn’t find it in stores at my local Target. I’m sure I could’ve just ordered it online, but I decided to try out something new – Maybelline’s nude glow. And it turns out, that I like it better.

My go-to last minute gift is usually Iowa Lottery scratch tickets, but if you are still looking for something fun to tuck into a stocking these Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm ornaments are my faves and can be found at your local Target.

While we were in Beijing we noticed these dock-less bikes almost everywhere. Most of the time they were just in our way on the sidewalk. Now Des Moines is looking to bring them here. Thoughts?

You can expect a little radio silence in the upcoming weeks as I am taking time to spend the holidays with the kiddos and our families. If you’d like a little glimpse into our crazy world, feel free to follow along on Instagram (stories too!) as that’s where I’ll be sharing most of our madness!

Happy holidays my friends!

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