Friday faves

EvCollection[a few of Ev’s treasures: his first found shed + grandpa’s Ducks Unlimited mini decoys]

I’m always in need of a good ‘fancier’ tank to throw under the rainbow of cardis I have in my closet, and at $7 a pop (on sale!) I couldn’t pass trying these Old Navy peplum tanks out.

Ever since seeing my coworker in a camouflage anorak jacket the other day, I’ve decided I need one too! Trying to decide if I should splurge or save: Anthropologie vs.  J.C.Penney. Thoughts?

We are supposed to be getting snow this weekend (BOO!) so our plan is to hunker down and put the fireplace to good use. I’m this close to breaking down and buying this personalized plaid (obvi) log carrier from Mark & Graham, because why not?!

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  1. brianne says:

    Finally catching up!!!!! Xoxo

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