Little looks: St. Patrick’s Day 2017

I’m most definitely not Irish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to drink a green beer or do a little jig with the rest of them. That extends to making sure my little guys are sporting their green gear on the 17th. But you know what? It’s totally ok if you feel like pinching Fitzie’s rolls, green or no green, because they are the freaking BEST!

With less than two weeks away from St. Patrick’s day I’ve decided to do a quick round up of all things kelly green + a little glitter/glitz for all your little leprechauns out there!


1 // Gap Mix-stripe pocket slub tee
2 // Kohl’s Green Sparkle Shoes
3 // Carter’s Happy Go Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Jumpsuit
4 // Old Navy St. Patrick’s Day Graphic Tee
5 // Baby Swing Dress [get 20% off + free shipping on first order | code:AFF20PCT
6 // Ily Couture Mom’s Lucky Charm
7 // Freshly Picked Gold moccasins
8 // June + January kelly green stripe tank jumper [15% off your first $50+ order]



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