Friday faves

[my favorite view: hope to do more of this over the next two days]

As we head into the weekend there are a few things around the interwebs that I thought I’d like to share with you, so I decided to create a reoccurring post – FRIDAY FAVES. I can’t promise that it will happen every week, because life, but I’ll try to round up things throughout the week and share them here.

Happy weekend…here goes nothing 🙂

I just downloaded and printed out this amazing illustrated 2017 calendar for my office. It was created by This Little Street and Jessica Keala and is pretty much the cutest thing ever. AND IT’S FREE!

Speaking of planners, I’m obsessed with the Sugar Paper x Target line (they also have Christmas gift wrap goodies again this year!) and this little blue beauty for 2017 is en route to me as I type.

In need of a tasty treat for yourself or someone you know? These melt in your mouth caramels can be found online or at your local Costco and are a great go-to gift during the upcoming holiday season.

Another epic Costco find, a set of eight BabyLit books for a fraction of what they would cost if you bought them separately. You don’t have to be a member to purchase online, but if you pick up in store they are $7 cheaper.

Just added this versatile oversized plaid cape-scarf from J.Crew to my Christmas wish list. Those arm holes are key! Now I just have to figure out if I’d rather have navy or graphite.

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