Download: Turducken 2016

Between caring for a recovering sick kid and a three month old while dad is on his annual ‘rut-cation’, being a little under the weather myself, daylight saving time and a turducken feast – I am spent.

As I write this my left eye is twitching. Think that’s a sign that mama needs a break?! Hoping things die down a little this week so we can get back to a routine. Enjoy a few photos from this year’s feast 🙂

[my very own butterball // outfit: Mud Pie ]

[with bones]img_4467[without]

Chef Marcus candidly informs us what is going to happen next…

img_4468[all tied up and ready to roast]

The rest of the evening was just so crazy that I don’t have any other photos to show. But let me assure you, it was delicious!



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