Still no baby

Let me go ahead and answer your questions:

“Yes, I’m still here.”

“Yes, I’m still pregnant.”

I know my due date isn’t officially until the 28th, but I’m quite ready to get things moving along here. Swollen ankles and sheer exhaustion are a regular occurrence and I’m over it.

Here are a few things that are keeping me occupied at the moment:

[not included in my nesting phase: dealing with Karl the door destroyer]

[my sis giving me a peaceful trip to Target by watching Ev for a couple hours]

[picking out a new friend for Everett to give the little guy from Eden]

[if I’m still preggers on 7/31, I’ll be in line to pick up my copy]

[trying to resist buying these leggings from Target’s new Cat & Jack line]


[failing to resist June & January’s newborn essentials collection, sorry hunny]

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To-Do lists: I love the feeling of putting a check mark in a box.
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1 Response to Still no baby

  1. Morgan Haas says:

    Can’t wait to meet my new lil’ buddy!

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