Mother’s Day 2016

I had every intention of writing up this post on Sunday evening or possibly even on Monday, but alas, here it is.

This past weekend I got to celebrate my third Mother’s Day by spending a lot of time with my family.

I kicked off the weekend with a BBQ cookout with my mom at their house on Friday night. That night, Everett spent his first night in his big boy bed. More on that in a different post…

On Saturday morning I attended a Mother’s Day Tea at Terrace Hill. One of my favorite traditions because of the delish treats that line the table.


Later that afternoon, Marcus and I took an overtired Everett to go see a whole bunch of rubber ducks get released into a pond during the annual Y.E.S.S. Duck Derbyt. Needless to say, Ev had a meltdown and we didn’t even get to see the main event. Oh well.


On Sunday morning I got to relax for a bit in bed with my boys, a cup of Zanzibar coffee and a leftover blueberry scone from the tea. It was blissful until Ev decided he would like to celebrate his mom by being put into two timeouts. Toddlers, am I right?!


A solo trip to Target during nap time and an amazing coq au vin blanc dinner with the in-laws rounded out another great Mother’s Day.


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