Mommy mind: second kid third trimester

Wait, what? How in the heck did that happen. It seems that while I’ve been running around after my wildly spirited toddler son I’ve suddenly entered my third trimester.

I’m larger at this point than I was at the same time with Everett, but that’s to be expected second time around, right? For the most part, this pregnancy has felt very similar to my first, and for that I’m thankful. Although I’m not naive about how much is still yet to come, I’m entering my third trimester this time around with a better understanding of the discomfort and how to handle it.

I’m getting into nesting mode and realize that the end is definitely in sight. But up first, warmer weather, which I didn’t have to deal with the first time around with a birth in December. The trade off being that I won’t have to fear taking my newborn out into the germ-infested winter cold.

I’ve convinced myself that I can suffer through the July heat in order to get to enjoy my maternity leave in the sunshine. And while I have daydreams of sitting under a tree in our front yard on a blanket sipping champagne while cooing at my new little lamb, let’s be realistic. I’ll be sweating, leaking and swatting at mosquitos while yelling at Everett to stop doing whatever it is that he’s not supposed to be doing.

Here’s to the next three months of “bliss”…


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