Road warrior

This past weekend my parents, Morgan, myself and Evie all loaded up into a squished SUV to take the seven hour road trip west to Hays, Kansas. I know I’ve talked about Hays before on here as both of my parents hailed from the great city on the plains.

We try to make it back as often as possible to catch up with family, but as we get older and have our own kids, it’s only gotten tougher to accomplish. This was a quick trip back to see my grandma so that I could tell her the good news in person, and so that she could see how big my little man was getting.

Traveling with a two year old can be challenging, but I’m on the other side of this trip now and I am amazed at how well Ev traveled. Thank goodness for Little Einsteins and as Ev refers to it, Oh Toodles (a.k.a. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). And a few treats along the way:

IMG_2529[no trip to Hays is complete without a trip to Cerv’s for a snoball]

IMG_2531[my new favorite store on Main Street: Be Made]

IMG_2539[making new friends with the Frontier Park buffalo herd]

IMG_2540[I could get used to the 60 degree weather…]

IMG_2546[limestone churches in every small town & a beautiful Mass with my parents in Ellis]

IMG_2547[my little baby needing his mama’s arm in order to fall asleep, SWOON]

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