Mommy mind: Missing him

IMG_2511[a recent mommy + me donut date]

I think I had to get to this point in order to truly write this post. In the beginning, I needed the space, whether I knew it or not. But now, now it’s different. I miss him like crazy.

In the morning, if he sleeps in and I am out the door before I hear him say ‘hi’ as his bedhead body slowly rises to smile at me from his crib… I miss him.

When I get to the office, knowing that he is in the best possible hands (grandma’s), I type and talk the entire day and many times I wonder about what he’s doing, what he’s learning, how he’s growing… I miss him.

After the crazy, whirlwind evening routine has concluded, he’s all tucked in and surrounded by ‘friends’ in his crib, I shut the door to his room… I miss him.

Working outside the home is definitely hard at this point when my little man is constantly growing up – doing most of it while I’m not on watch. I knew I wanted to go back to work after having Evie, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve started to feel like I’m missing out on things. I know it’s ok, and that it makes my time with him in the evenings and weekends that much more special/important, but I still miss him.


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  1. Unconditional, pure love. The best kind in all the world.

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