TTD DIY: Valentine’s Day Chairbacker

Pretty much every holiday Pottery Barn Kids comes up with a slew of super cute, themed items that I must steer clear of – or else it’ll end up getting personalized and ordered immediately.

This time of year it is the Valentine’s Day Chairbackers that I like to freak out over. After giving them another look, I figured it was something that I could probably tackle myself.

After a recent trip to Target, I stumbled upon these cute little felt Valentine envelopes in The Dollar Spot.


I knew once I saw them that they would be perfect to make into my own DIY Valentine’s Chairbackers.

I started by writing Everett’s name in cursive with a water dissolvable embroidery transfer pen. Using embroidery floss, I backstitched his name.

IMG_2473IMG_2475After the embroidery was complete, I picked out some ribbon remnants and hot glued them to the back of the envelope. IMG_2512After the glue dried, I tested out my chairbacker by just tying a knot in the ribbon in between the slats of our chairs. Voila! Now I get to tuck in a few love notes and treats on the big day! [Insert heart eyes emoji here]IMG_2513


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