Air trip: France // part five

Upon arriving in Nice we were greeted with sunshine and warmer temps.

France 2015: view from above

We walked through the doors of Le Negresco, our hotel for the next couple days, and were blown away by the amount of detail in the decor. Tons of funky artwork, themed floors and a dizzying array of colors throughout. 
France 2015: Nice hotel room

After settling in, we hit the boardwalk for a stroll and to search out a place to sit down with a cocktail before dinner. France 2015: Nice boardwalk France 2015: champagne in NiceOur dinner reservations came at the suggestion of some friends who had loved this little location during their visit. Le Bistro du Fromager is located down a side alley and upon entering you are taken down a flight of stairs into a cave. We both enjoyed our dinners, but after seeing the fondue arrive at the table next to us, immediately regretted our decisions. If we ever get back here, we now know what to order!

France 2015: Le Negresco at night We woke up the following morning and enjoyed the hotel buffet filled with all sorts of goodies. Marcus had the idea of renting a car and taking a day trip to Monte Carlo to check it out. After some adjustment to a stick shift and a little traffic, we made our way along the coast. When we pulled into town we got a little turned around and ended up getting stopped by the police asking if we had permission to enter the grounds. Apparently, we were trying to enter the Prince of Monoco’s residence. Whoops!

After walking around the town for a while we decided we had seen enough of Monte Carlo, so we headed back towards Nice whipping around the curves of the coastline highway. Upon entering the town of Eze, we drove up to the top of the city to catch a glimpse of the ocean. Blue as far as the eye could see!France 2015: views in Eze

Feeling a bit nauseous from the drive and needing to fill up, we found a local hotel that looked promising. We knew we couldn’t go wrong with Eze Hermitage, with its lilac shutters and beautiful wrought iron balconies.IMG_1660

The dining room was just as beautiful as the exterior and made for the perfect place to sip rose with lunch. France 2015: French dining

Once we dropped off the rental car back in Nice, I knew I just wanted to rest back at the hotel since our flight home was early the next morning. Marcus ran out for some pizza and wine and I settled into bed (wearing my lush hotel robe) and turned on the TV. What are the chances that in France, on our last night, after many quotes throughout our trip, do I happen to come across Home Alone playing in English! Such a fun way to end our French holiday.France 2015: home alone

After a long day of travel and many lifelong memories for us to recount, there was still no better face to see upon our return. Going away for a bit to recharge was great, but coming home was even better!France 2015: back home

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