Air trip: France // part four

We spent most of our last full day in Avignon traveling around outside of town. First up, a drive west to take in the sights at the ancient Roman aqueduct, Pont du Gard. This thing was old and massive. France 2015: Pond du Gard France 2015: Pond du Gard

After a quick walk to the center of the bridge, we headed back to the car to continue on south to Les Baux de Provence. This picturesque town is perched on a rocky hill side and is absolutely breathtaking.

France 2015: Les BauxA quick trip up the steep hill and back down to settle into what would be my best dining experience to date at Oustau, part of the Baumaniere luxury hotel. The service, food and presentation were all top-notch. They had a leather-bound book full of their wine selections (swoon) and a metal olive tree with real olives attached to it served during pre-lunch cocktails. Heaven.

France 2015: oustau wine book France 2015: oustau table

We basically had to roll ourselves out of there. And I dream of the day I get to return.

France 2015: outside oustau

Full from a multi-course meal and a glass (or two…) of wine, we headed back to Avignon to catch pre-dinner cocktail hour in one of the dimly lit rooms at the famed, Le Mirande.

France 2015: Le Mirande

As our time in Avignon came to a close, we said goodbye to my parents and were off via train to the rocky shores of Nice.

Up next: Fromage, a U-turn and the best face to come home to.

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